Playdemic’s Golf Clash | Tournament, Review and Advanced Tips

Golf Clash is a unique multiplayer golf simulation game from Playdemic. This game is available on iOS and Android platforms and you can play it against anyone from all over the world. It features a quick-fire control system where all you need to do is drag and release. You have to be very good at timing, if you are just slip-second late in releasing the ball you could end up with a terrible swing.

Use the Golf Clash Cheats, Tips and tricks

Get the Perfect Timing

In the game of Golf Clash, timing is everything! Once you know how to get the perfect timing everything else will be much easier for you. Every time you are taking a shot try to hit the perfect spot. Pull the ball back in the blue circle and wait for the marker to reach the Perfect mark. It will take a bit of practice because you need to release the ball before the needle hits the center so that it will be perfectly aligned.

Choose your tours wisely

Participating in tours is really necessary as they are going to be your primary source of funds. But in order to register on a tour, you need to use some coins. If you successfully win the tour you are going to win a lot of coins. So, choose your tour wisely. Don’t waste your coins by joining a tour that you have no chance of winning. Also, don’t ignore those seasonal tours. They can give you better rewards.

Don’t ignore the achievements

Achievements can get you some great rewards. Achievements can get you some gems which are the premium currency of this game.

Don’t forget to upgrade your gears

Every club has some attributes associated with it. Upgrading your clubs will enhance these attributes. Upgraded clubs will make winning much easier for you. After using the Golf Clash Cheats the gold and gems are not going to cause you any problem. So, spend them on upgrading your clubs and win every game easily.

Move your target

Make sure you always check the course to see if you have the best possible for the target. Feel free to move it around. You can experiment for a little bit until you have a better understanding of each course. But you can’t afford to take too many risks if you want to be able to win as you are playing against other players.

Learn how to putt

Once your ball is near enough to the hole, the game’s control will change a bit. You will notice that the bull’s eye is gone. There will be a path of light and another needle that needs to be aligned with the path. Adjust the path so that it goes into the hole and don’t use too much power in this shot.

Know your Clubs

There are a lot of different clubs available and it can be difficult to decide which club will be worth upgrading. Make sure you spend only on the ones that you will be using in later tournaments. Below are the best clubs for each category.

Driver- The Apocalypse
Wood- The Cataclysm
Long iron- The B52
short Iron- The Hornet
Wedge- The EndBringer
Rough Iron- Nirvana
Sand Wedge- Spitfire

When choosing a driver, invest only in the Extra Mile or Apocalypse. Upgrade only the Guardian, Sniper, and cataclysm for your wood clubs. For rough iron clubs, make sure you max out Nirvana.

Get free chests

Chests can help you a lot in the game and you might get some completely free. For that link, your Facebook account to the game and you will receive a Platinum chest. You will also be rewarded a Pin chest every eight successful putts. Moreover, you get a free chest every four hours.

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