Candy Crush Saga Review | How to Play, Hacks and Cheats

Candy Crush Saga is a free-to-play match-three puzzle video game released by King on April 12, 2012. It was released on Facebook for the first time and after getting excellent response it has been launched on other platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 10.

In the game, players complete levels by swapping colored pieces of candy on a game board to make a match of three or more of the same color, eliminating those candies from the board and replacing them with new ones. Matches of four or more candies create unique candies that act as power-ups. Each level has different goals that must be completed within a fixed number of moves or a limited amount of time to get to the next level.

Candy Crush Saga is considered one of the first and most successful uses of a freemium model; while the game can be played completely through without spending money, players can buy special actions to help clear more difficult boards. The game has been one of the highest-grossing and most-played mobile apps. King has released three related titles, Candy Crush Soda Saga, Candy Crush Jelly Saga, and Candy Crush Friends Saga.

Candy Crush is a very challenging game with a lot of fun but there are times when you get stuck on a level, and you just wish that you knew some Candy Crush cheats to get out of it. Here you can grab a couple of Candy Crush Saga cheats which will help you to move on to the next level.

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Our tips and cheats for Candy Crush work for iOS, Facebook and Android versions of the game. We have the most comprehensive collection of tips and cheats for Candy Crush Saga. When you use the Candy Crush tips we provide, You will be able to get past the hardest levels if you use the Candy Crush tips provided here.

Candy Crush Tips and Tricks

Save Your Special Candies

Don’t use the free boosters you get in the early levels until you get to the higher and difficult levels. If you use those boosters early you will have trouble in the later levels. You should try and save them for the first hardest levels of candy crush saga.

Crush candies at the bottom

For most levels, crushing candies at the bottom of the grid is the best strategy. There are exceptions to this as you progress through the game. The reason is that when you play from the bottom you have more chance of getting a combination at the top of the board. Many special candies are made automatically when you crush the bottom candies.

Plan your ingredients

There is no randomness as to when an ingredient appears on a level. Learn what triggers the ingredient to drop and plan accordingly so that they go into the vertical column that’s easiest to clear.

Use the special combo cheat

Knowing which special combinations do what is key to clearing some of the later levels. Use our special combo cheat to discover the most effective solution for your level.

Destroy the distractions

Meringues, licorice, chocolate: if completion of the level requires that they must be taken out, take them out early. Always destroy time bombs at the first opportunity. Timed bombs aren’t always a threat. For example, if you get a 14-move bomb, and you only have 11 moves left, you don’t need to worry about the bomb, your game will be over before it detonates.

Swim with the fishes

Fishes will go for whatever jelly is on the board. So if you use them near the end of the game, they will go straight for the hard-to-get jellies you’ve not managed to clear.

Reshuffle the board

When you enter a level and you are unsatisfied with the layout, there is actually a way to reshuffle the board without losing any lives. Before making any moves on a level, you can exit out of the level and re-enter the level and the board will have been shuffled.

Candy Crush Saga Unlimited Life Cheat

Candy Crush is a very addicting game and we all know that. The problem is that they only give you 5 lives at a time and once you use up those 5 lives, you have to wait a certain amount of time to be able to play again. We have found a way to get unlimited candy crush lives.

If you’re using Facebook, open multiple browser tabs with the game open when you have five lives. Once your five lives have been lost in the first browser tab there will be an extra life to use in each of the other browser tabs.

To get extra lives for candy crush on your iOS or Android device all you have to do is go into your settings on your device and change your clock. The Candy Crush app gives you lives based on your device’s time. So move your clock an hour forward and go back to the game. You will notice that you have a few more lives. You can simply keep moving your clock forward to get unlimited lives. This is tested and working for Android & iOS devices.

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