Tips And tricks for Minecraft Skyblock

Posted on 25th November 2017  in Gaming

Minecraft skyblock is very popular nowadays or atleast I like it very much. There’s loads of fun to play with friends too. but then there are griefers and all that. Here are some tips to avoid that keep reading to find out ———


#1 Do not add people you do not trust

This is very obvious but you should still keep that in mind —- ALWAYS. I have, firsthand, experienced it because I THOUGHT the person was trustworthy but it turns out that he wanted my IGS (iron golem spawner)



Well this , of course is up to you to decide! , but my advice – never pvp if you dont have a proper kit.


#3 Never Teleport to someone you don’t know

Well the title says it all. And if you ever want to tpa just keep all your items in a chest. This way if a person ever tpaheres you, you know its ok to go even if its pvp as you have nothing to lose !


#4 Use the F3 menu to identify where mobs  can spawn

notice it says block : 11. That means mobs CANT spawn here


notice it says block : 7 . Mobs CAN spawn here. The (Block) shows the amount of light under your feet. If it falls below 8 mobs can spawn on that particular block and well destroy your island.


#5 Always wear armour.

This is because there can be zombies and skeletons and spider and creepers and so on. So you always need protection no matter what !.


#6 Make an infinite water source.

This is very important as you need water for every single thing. It is very easy to make and only needs two water buckets. dig up a 2×2 hole and pour water on two opposite corners. Then wait a second and there you have it ! When you need water take it from any corner and let it refill the hole again.


#7 Jump in your infinite water source and —

Do /is sethome (it will set your island home here so whenever you do /is it will teleport you here)

#8 whenever you fall do /is quickly

This is where the /is sethome + water comes in use! Usually when you /is you spawn on the ground which kills you but since your island home is in water, the water soaks up all the damage.

#9 Build your cactus farm in a straight line

This is much more efficient then the cross kinda design. This is so that when a cactus grows and gets cut it does NOT fall on another cactus and get deleted


#10 Iron, Diamonds, Gold and Emerald blocks increase island level !

Well title says it all!



Well there you have it the tips and tricks to becoming a better skyblocker. If you’re still here you must be a true skyblocker


anyways happy skyblocking !!!!

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