Watch Dogs all crashes and fixes

Posted on 25th October 2017  in Gaming

This blog will show you crashes you may encounter while playing Watch Dogs and how to fix them

#1 – Game fails to load up (skyBp launcher has crashed)

All you need to do is go to this site (U-play) and install it – then the game will load up


#2 game crashes at main screen

Now you’ll need to open up your watch dogs folder > Go to Bin (folder) and delete save 1 and save 2. (don’t worry it’s totally safe


#3 Game crashes after the first cutscene

For this one you’ll need to download the following folder and then paste it in your Bin ( folder ) and replace all files (it’s 100% safe) and then try launching both the launchers and see which works for you!
download link – _folder_


That is it. After fixing these you’ll have absolutely no problem running watch dogs

you’re welcome Hehe

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