How to play COD 4 (Cracked) online

Posted on 27th October 2017  in Gaming

Even to this day, people still play old games (Multiplayer) like – Revolt, Call of Duty (the old ones), Battlefield (the old ones), Tetris and the list goes on and on.


Today i’ll explain how to play COD 4 online with your friends or random people and believe me LOADS of people still play it online ! (Warning we do not support piracy but some people can’t  buy games and we understand that)

Prerequisites – 1 – COD 4, 2 – a serial key, 3 – utorrent

you can get a CD key by watching this video (stop wherever you want and get a fresh CD-key)

Download COD 4 here (copy and paste)-

Download Utorrent here (please copy and paste) –

(please skip the ads as it is the source of income for our site)


Step – 1
Open on IW3MP and let it start up

Step – 2
Go to options > Multiplayer Options > enter CD key > enter your CD key > OK

Step – 3
Go to the servers and click on refresh server list and wait till the list completes and there you have it !





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