How to build a blaze Farm in Minecraft !

Posted on 28th October 2017  in Gaming

This blog is all about building a blaze farm in minecraft for multiplayer (skyblock etc) . So Lets Go!

Note – This works only for minecraft skyblock and creative mode

Prerequisites –
1 – any block (around  4-5 stacks just to be safe)
2 – a spawn egg (or a readymade blaze spawner)
3 – a spawner . You can get this (only creative mode) by typing this command
/give (name) minecraft:mob_spawner



make a line of blocks of any no. of blocks


then make a 8*X (here X = no. of your choice). Here by mistake i made it 7*7 (i used x as my choice of no. of blocks which is 7) blocks. I hope you understand


then start covering up with walls


then add the roof


add water only to the last line. You should be left with an empty line of blocks after the water stops but as you know i made it 7*7.


then add the spawners. As you can see the spawners have pigs in them. We are going to fix that by using the spawn blaze egg.


you can see now the spawner now has blaze inside it and a blaze spawned in too.


add a wall one block away from the 8th line so it looks like the above


As a safety measure add water surrounded with slabs so that you dont get burnt while killing the blazes



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  1. Hi
    Though I’m not a games person , th effort seems to be great
    Keep up the good work going
    Seems to be th next big thing around
    All the very best


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