Minecraft !

Posted on 13th August 2017  in Gaming

so what is Minecraft ?

I already see people face-palming, but wait ! There are people who still don’t know what it is ! I meet many people who are like WHAT IS MINECRAFT ? So I’m here to answer all those things.

Here are just some things you NEED TO KNOW about Minecraft

  1. It is a paid game but there are plenty of cracked launchers if your pockets are empty.
  2. It is a blocky kind of game so don’t expect high-end graphics

But why pay 27.99 dollars?

  1. The game is VASTLY stretched out in all directions. So there is a lot to explore.
  2. The developers of this game are constantly trying to update the game with new features
  3. It has a multiplayer feature as well ! So you are always connected with other minecrafters !
  4. This game is modifiable UP TO IT”S CORE ! There are already MILLIONS of mods
  5. There are tons upon tons of things to do in vanilla (normal) Minecraft. PVP, local multiplayer, exploring, building naming a few.
  6. You can go crazy in building whatever with no restrictions whatsoever !

Are you tempted enough to get Minecraft now? if so then here is a link to there website !


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